Small Groups and Bible Studies

The Christian DISC® can be a powerful tool for small groups seeking to foster genuine relationships, clear communication, and a sense of unity within their group. The Christian DISC® Assessment offers a unique and practical approach to achieving these goals, enabling you and your group to flourish as you grow in your faith together.

Derived from the widely recognized DISC personality assessment and grounded in biblical principles, the Christian DISC® is tailored to provide valuable insights into group dynamics in the midst of community. By exploring these insights, your group can develop a heightened understanding of their own strengths and the spiritual gifts, ultimately creating a more cohesive, supportive, and edifying group.

  • Using the Christian DISC® at Your Next Retreat

    By incorporating the Christian DISC® Assessment into your retreat, you can create a more engaging and transformative experience for all participants.

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  • The Christian DISC® for Small Groups and Bible Studies

    As a small group leader, one way to enhance connection and community in a small group is by utilizing the Christian DISC®

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