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My participant didn't receive their assessment link.

If your participant hasn't received their assessment link, ask them to wait for about 5-10 minutes as the email can sometimes take a moment to arrive. In the meantime, it’s worth checking the spam or junk folder, as the email might have landed there. If the link still isn't there after a short wait, don’t worry - just reach out to us and we can resend it (without you having to use another credit to resend it).

My participant didn't receive their PDF report.

If your participant hasn't received their PDF report, the first step is to ask them to check their spam folder (as emails with attachments can sometimes end up there). If it's still not found, you the administrator, can forward them the copy that was sent to you. In case neither of you received it automatically, just let us know. We'll manually email you both a copy of the report as soon as we are able.

I didn't receive a copy of my participant's PDF report.

If you didn't receive a copy of your participant's PDF report, first check with your participant to see if they received theirs. Regardless of whether they did, your next step should be to look in your own spam folder. Sometimes, these reports can be filtered there, so it's also a good idea to adjust your email settings to prevent this in the future. If the report is still missing, especially if this has happened more than once, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll double-check our settings to ensure proper forwarding and can also email you any missing reports directly.

Can I download my participants' reports directly on my account?

In order to protect user data, we do not store user reports on admin accounts. All reports are delivered directly through email to maintain privacy and security. If you find yourself missing a report, please feel free to let us know. We will promptly send you any missing reports. Additionally, we can generate and send you a spreadsheet for a specific date range, which includes a summary of your participants' assessment results and their top scoring type, providing a convenient overview of your group's results.

I sent an assessment to the wrong person or email address.

If you've accidentally sent an assessment to the wrong person or email address, there's no need to use another credit to resend it. First, double-check the correct name and email address of the intended recipient. Once you have the correct details, let us know as soon as possible. We'll take care of resending the assessment to the right person on your behalf.

My participant doesn't agree with their results. Can they retake the assessment?

Yes, participants are welcome to retake the assessment if they feel their results don't accurately represent them. Factors like mood, environment, or even mindset at the time of taking the assessment can sometimes skew results. Other reasons for inaccurate DISC results might include misunderstanding questions, rushing through the assessment, or external distractions. We understand these variables and offer at least one retake per person to ensure they get the most accurate and reflective results. Contact us to request a retake and include the name of the participant. We will then send them another link to retake the assessment.