Schools and Universities

The Christian DISC® can be an invaluable asset for faith-based educational institutions such as middle schools, high schools, colleges, and seminaries. Ideal for students from 6th grade to college and beyond, this system sheds light on each student's unique behavioral and communication styles. By implementing the Christian DISC® in the academic environment, educators can foster not only enhanced classroom communication and collaboration but also deeper spiritual growth.

We also offer the Classic DISC, which is the original version of the assessment for general audiences (and does not include the additional spiritual content). This option is ideal for schools that are not faith-based or that have students and faculty of diverse backgrounds.

Understanding these personality styles allows educators to craft a learning environment where every student feels valued, is empowered to thrive, and can contribute positively to their educational community. Whether you're a teacher or professor, the Christian DISC® and Classic DISC resources provide robust tools for cultivating an academic setting steeped in empathy, understanding, and holistic growth. Delve into the manifold benefits of integrating the Christian DISC® into your institution and witness the transformation towards more harmonious, interconnected classrooms and campuses.

  • Identifying Different Learning Styles in the Classroom Using the Christian DISC®

    By understanding the different Christian DISC® types and how each type learns best, teachers can adapt their teaching strategies to meet their students' unique needs.

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  • Empowering Christian College Students with the Christian DISC®

    For students at a Christian college, using the Christian DISC® can provide direction in spiritual growth and professional career development.

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