What is the Christian DISC®?

The Christian DISC® is a powerful assessment tool designed to foster spiritual growth and deepen relationships within your community.

Empower your people to learn more about themselves and others from a biblical perspective — all while helping them grow closer to God and each other in the process.

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Strengthen Your Group One Person at a Time

One reason people leave is not feeling connected to the leader or other members. The Christian DISC® was created to help communities deepen their connection, empower them to serve, and foster a sense of belonging. Discover how the Christian DISC® can help your community thrive.

  • Enhance Your Leadership

    The Christian DISC® empowers leaders to gain deeper insights into each member of their group, leading to greater engagement, more dynamic communication, and more effective leadership.

  • Deepen Relationships

    Foster authentic relationships by helping your group understand each other's personality types to increase connection, build empathy, and promote unity within your community.

  • Inspire Spiritual Growth

    Encourage your people to deepen their relationship with God by working on growth areas, discovering their spiritual gifts, and utilizing their strengths to build up your community.

What's Inside the Christian DISC®?

The assessment helps users discover their spiritual personality, which is categorized into four interconnected types. The assessment combines insights from scripture and emotional intelligence and is specifically designed for those in faith-based communities.

The Four Types

The Christian DISC® features four distinct personality types. These types each have different strengths, tendencies, and areas for growth. Together, they shape the Christian DISC® system, offering a larger picture of how those in communities relate and interact with one another.

  • Dominant (D)

    The Dominant type is assertive and goal-oriented, often leading with confidence.

  • Influencing (I)

    The Influencing type exudes enthusiasm and persuasiveness, naturally connecting and inspiring others.

  • Steady (S)

    The Steady type prioritizes consistency and reliability, providing stability within groups.

  • Compliant (C)

    The Compliant type is analytical and detail-oriented, valuing accuracy and thoroughness.

What's Inside a Christian DISC® Report?

Each assessment generates a 22-25 page PDF report. Harness the various insights of each report to inspire, guide, and grow each member of your community. Embracing these insights can help communities journey toward becoming more Christlike. Each Christian DISC® report includes the following:

  • Strengths

    Recognize the strengths of your temperament and how these inherent qualities can build others up in your work and community.

  • Growth Areas

    Uncover weaknesses (or growth areas) that have the potential to help or hinder personal and spiritual development.

  • Scriptures

    Integrate insights about your personality through various suggested Bible verses according to your type.

  • Biblical Figures

    Relate your personality to different biblical figures, offering relatable and inspiring examples for spiritual growth.

  • Spiritual Gifts

    Discover your spiritual gifts and opportunities for ministry based on how the Holy Spirit has gifted you.

  • Workplace Styles

    Understand your behavior and communication style in the professional workplace.

  • Relationship Dynamics

    Deepen connections and foster understanding in your personal, romantic, and professional relationships.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Detect your level of emotional maturity and how it connects with spiritual growth.

Take It Anywhere

The Christian DISC® can be taken by users anywhere — on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

We've made sure the process of taking the assessment is smooth and straightforward.

Easy to Administer

Everything is delivered through email from one account. No need to juggle multiple user accounts, passwords, or codes.

Our Admin Account allows you to send assessments to others conveniently and instantly. When each assessment is completed, a report is sent to the user with a copy sent to the admin.

Both Versions Available

In addition to the Christian DISC®, we also offer the Classic DISC, the original secular version of the assessment. This allows you to reach a wider audience and expand your mission.

By providing both the Christian DISC® and Classic DISC, your church is equipped to engage people from all walks of life, enhancing outreach and understanding.

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