What is the Christian DISC®?

The Christian DISC® is a tool used to assess a person's spiritual personality, which is categorized into four main types. The assessment combines insights from scripture and emotional intelligence and is specifically designed for those in faith-based counseling, coaching, work, and ministry.

Empower Those You Feel Called to Serve

Do you feel like you're not fully understanding your team or group? Or do you find challenges in fostering deeper fellowship among members of your church or community? Are you also seeking something that enriches their faith in the process?

If this resonates, the Christian DISC® is here for you. Drawing from the reputable DISC model of personality assessment, the Christian DISC® seamlessly incorporates timeless truths and insights from the Bible. It shines a light not only on the collective behaviors of your team, but also the underlying motivations behind them, building your community through enhanced unity and growth.

Enrich Your Group One Person at a Time

With the Christian DISC®, you'll gain profound insights into the strengths and weaknesses of every member of your group. Our model teaches that personality is not fixed, but can grow and change for the better through the process of spiritual growth and becoming more like Jesus.

Whether you're a leader striving for team development, an organization aiming to enhance collaboration, or a church looking to deepen your community, the Christian DISC® stands out as the optimal tool for communal, professional, and spiritual development. Dive in today and discover insights about your team, fostering a stronger bond among members while deepening your relationship with God in the process.

Equip Your People in Ministry and Beyond

While there have been numerous attempts to develop a faith-based personality assessment, the Christian DISC® stands out by being rooted in the well-established DISC model. This globally recognized system is not just limited to church and ministry settings; it has found acceptance and application in various industries for several decades, from corporate environments to educational institutions.

The universality of the DISC model ensures that participants who familiarize themselves with their Christian DISC® type gain insights that are transferable beyond their ministry context. Your users can confidently share their DISC type with current and potential employers, providing them with a validated tool to communicate their personal strengths, communication styles, and potential fit within any professional setting.

The Four Types

The Christian DISC® features four distinct personality types. These types each have different strengths, tendencies, and areas for growth. Together, they shape the Christian DISC® system, offering a larger picture of how those in communities relate and interact with one another.

  • Dominant (D)

    The Dominant type is assertive and goal-oriented, often leading with confidence.

  • Influencing (I)

    The Influencing type exudes enthusiasm and persuasiveness, naturally connecting and inspiring others.

  • Steady (S)

    The Steady type prioritizes consistency and reliability, providing stability within groups.

  • Compliant (C)

    The Compliant type is analytical and detail-oriented, valuing accuracy and thoroughness.

What's Inside a Christian DISC® Report?

Each assessment generates a 22-25 page PDF report. Harness the various insights of each report to inspire, guide, and grow each member of your community. Embracing these insights can help communities journey toward becoming more Christlike. Each Christian DISC® report includes the following:

  • Strengths

    Recognize the strengths of your temperament and how these inherent qualities can build others up in your work and community.

  • Growth Areas

    Uncover weaknesses (or growth areas) that have the potential to help or hinder personal and spiritual development.

  • Scriptures

    Integrate insights about your personality through various suggested Bible verses according to your type.

  • Biblical Figures

    Relate your personality to different biblical figures, offering relatable and inspiring examples for spiritual growth.

  • Spiritual Gifts

    Discover your spiritual gifts and opportunities for ministry based on how the Holy Spirit has gifted you.

  • Workplace Styles

    Understand your behavior and communication style in the professional workplace.

  • Relationship Dynamics

    Deepen connections and foster understanding in your personal, romantic, and professional relationships.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Detect your level of emotional maturity and how it connects with spiritual growth.

Dive into the Christian DISC® Today