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Influencing Type

In the Christian DISC® personality system, the Influencing type is one of the four main personality types, along with Dominant, Steady, and Compliant. The Influencing type is also known as the Influence or Inspiring type in other versions of the DISC system. The animal that represents this type is the otter. Individuals with an Influencing personality tend to be outgoing, charismatic, and persuasive. They are motivated by a desire to make an impact and may be highly goal-oriented. Influencing individuals may be highly creative and may enjoy being in the spotlight.

Influencing individuals are often skilled communicators and may have a gift for inspiring and motivating others. They may be highly expressive and may enjoy using humor or storytelling to connect with others. Influencing individuals may also be skilled at networking and building relationships. In terms of decision-making, Influencing individuals may be impulsive and may prefer to act quickly rather than taking time to gather information. They may be optimistic and confident in their abilities, and may be willing to take risks in order to achieve their goals.

In terms of communication style, Influencing individuals may be highly expressive and may enjoy being the center of attention. They may be skilled at public speaking and may be natural storytellers. They may also be highly persuasive and may be skilled at convincing others to see their point of view. Influencing individuals may be well-suited to roles that require a high degree of creativity, such as marketing, advertising, or the arts. They may also excel in roles that require them to be persuasive and influential, such as sales or public relations.

Overall, the Influencing personality type is characterized by outgoingness, charisma, and a desire to make an impact. Influencing individuals may be highly skilled communicators and may enjoy being in the spotlight. They may need to work on being more detail-oriented and cautious in their decision-making, but can bring a valuable perspective to teams and organizations.

​This is just a brief summary of the basic personality traits of this type. The full Christian DISC® Assessment generates a personalized report that integrates scripture, biblical figures, and spiritual insights specific to this type.
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