Businesses and Organizations

The Christian DISC® is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations and is designed to not only enhance team communication, collaboration, and productivity but also to foster spiritual growth. By understanding each team member's unique behavioral and communication styles, you can create an environment where everyone can thrive, feel valued, and contribute positively to your organization.​

We also offer the Classic DISC, which is the original version of the assessment for general audiences (and does not include the additional spiritual content). This option is ideal for businesses and organizations that are not faith-based or that have employees with diverse backgrounds.

Whether you are a small business owner, a non-profit leader, or a human resources professional, these resources will provide you with valuable tools for implementing this transformative tool in your organization. Explore the benefits of the Christian DISC® and Classic DISC and discover how it can help you build stronger, more cohesive teams rooted in growth, empathy, and understanding.

  • Why HR Departments Should Use the Christian DISC®

    The Christian DISC® Assessment is a valuable tool for HR departments seeking to create a harmonious and engaged workplace that aligns with faith-based values.

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  • Using the Christian DISC® with Employees

    Explore how the Christian DISC® can benefit your faith-based business and learn practical tips for implementing it with your employees and teams.

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