Counselors and Coaches

As professionals dedicated to guiding clients towards personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, we understand the significance of utilizing effective tools to facilitate those on their transformative journey. The Christian DISC® Assessment offers a powerful and versatile approach, equipping you and your clients with valuable insights to navigate life's challenges while fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Grounded in biblical principles and building upon the widely recognized DISC personality assessment, the Christian DISC® is tailored to reveal individual behavioral styles and preferences. These insights allow your clients to identify their unique strengths and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness, improved communication, and more meaningful relationships in both their personal and professional lives — all while connecting it with their personal faith.

  • Coaching and Consulting with the Christian DISC®

    With the help of the Christian DISC®, coaches and consultants can help their clients and teams achieve greater emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

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  • How Counselors Use the Christian DISC® with Clients

    The Christian DISC® is a powerful tool that counselors and therapists can use in individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy.

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