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How Counselors Use the Christian DISC® with Clients

As a therapist, Rachel had always been interested in finding effective ways to help her clients improve their emotional, relational, and spiritual health. So when she heard about the Christian DISC® assessment, she was intrigued. The Christian DISC® is a personality assessment tool based on the DISC model of behavior and communication, but with a spiritual perspective. It helps individuals understand their God-given strengths and weaknesses and how to apply them in their daily lives.

Rachel decided to try the Christian DISC® with some of her clients who were struggling with various issues, from depression and anxiety to relationship problems and spiritual concerns. She explained to them how the assessment worked and how it could help them gain insight into their personality traits and communication styles. One of her clients, Sierra, was hesitant at first. She had never heard of the Christian DISC® before and was skeptical about how it could help her. But Rachel reassured her that the assessment was based on a historic psychological theory and had been adapted to include a Christian perspective.

Sierra took the assessment and was surprised at how accurate it was in describing her personality traits and communication style. She discovered that she was a Compliant style, which meant she was analytical, detail-oriented, and preferred to work alone. Rachel helped her understand how these strengths could be used in her job as an accountant, but also how they could cause problems in her relationships with others. Through therapy, Sierra learned how to balance her strengths with the needs of others and to communicate more effectively with her husband and coworkers. She also learned how to apply her faith in practical ways, such as using her analytical skills to serve others in her church.

Another client, Javier, was struggling with anger and relationship problems. He had been in therapy before, but nothing seemed to help him change his behavior. When he took the Christian DISC® assessment, he discovered that he was a Dominant personality style, which meant he was direct, assertive, and competitive. He also learned that his anger was often triggered by feeling disrespected or powerless. Rachel helped Javier understand how his personality traits were affecting his relationships and how he could learn to communicate more effectively with his family and coworkers. She also helped him explore how his faith could help him manage his anger and respond to others with grace and love.

Over time, Javier's relationships improved, and he learned how to channel his competitive drive in healthy ways, such as volunteering in his church's sports programs. Rachel was amazed at how much the Christian DISC® had helped her clients. It provided a framework for understanding their personality traits and communication styles and helped them apply their faith in practical ways. She continued to use it with many of her clients and saw significant improvements in their emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

The Christian DISC® is a powerful tool that counselors and therapists can use in individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy to help their clients improve their self-awareness, communication skills, emotional growth, spiritual life, and relationships.

Individual Therapy
Through individual therapy, counselors can use the Christian DISC® to help their clients understand their personality, behavioral style, and how it impacts their relationships. By understanding their communication style, clients can learn how to better communicate with others, improve their relationships, and reduce conflict. The Christian DISC® can also help clients understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on their strengths while working to improve their weaknesses (or what the Christian DISC® calls "growth areas"). The assessment can help clients identify areas where they need to grow and develop, leading to personal emotional and spiritual growth and improved relationships.

Couples Counseling
In couples counseling, the Christian DISC® can be used to help couples understand each other's behavioral and communication styles. By understanding their partner's style, couples can learn to communicate more effectively and reduce conflict in their relationship. The Christian DISC® can also help couples identify areas where they are compatible and where they may have differences. This understanding can help couples appreciate each other's strengths and work together to overcome their weaknesses.

Group Therapy
In group therapy, the Christian DISC® can be used to help group members understand each other's behavioral styles and communication styles. This understanding can lead to improved communication and more effective group dynamics. The Christian DISC® can also help group members understand how their behavior impacts the group as a whole. This understanding can lead to greater empathy and understanding between group members, creating a more cohesive and effective group.

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