The Difference of the Christian DISC®

There are many personality assessments available, so why use the Christian DISC®? Many people are familiar with other assessments such as the Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram. However, users of these assessments tend to only read about their own personality, and grasp little about other personality types and how they connect and relate to one another. One of the primary objectives of the Christian DISC® is to help users grow closer to others by helping them understand other people. Another objective is to help people grow closer in their relationship with God. The Christian DISC® is deeply informed by the Bible and its teaching around sanctification, which is the process by which the Holy Spirit helps believers become more like Christ.

Powerful for Improving Relationships

Everyone loves personality tests. Who doesn't enjoy learning more about oneself and sharing their results with others? But how many of us actually listen to what makes other people unique? The model behind the Christian DISC® is different from other personality assessments because of its effectiveness at not only helping people understand themselves, but also in helping them understand others.

The underlying theory of the DISC is often considered one of the simpler personality models to understand and use. There are only four personality types profiled and their relation to one another is easier to apprehend as a whole. This makes it more straightforward and easier to grasp, making it accessible for people without an extensive background in psychology or personality theory.

​The assessment not only provides insights into an individual's own personality type but also offers guidance on how to communicate and work effectively with others who have different personality types. This is especially important in Christian contexts where love, empathy, and understanding are essential for building unity and strong, healthy relationships. This makes it an excellent tool for use with congregations, teams, and groups — not just individuals.

Biblically and Theologically Informed

The theory behind the Christian DISC® recognizes that our personality is not fixed and unchanging, but can grow and change for the better. This is not an original idea but is very much a biblical principle and rooted in the theology of sanctification. The idea that personality is spiritually dynamic and can improve is what sets the Christian DISC® apart from other personality assessments. This growth is possible because the Christian DISC® identifies personality traits as tendencies, rather than fixed characteristics.

By understanding these tendencies, people can work toward developing positive traits and minimizing negative ones, thus improving their relationships with those around them. For example, someone who tends to be dominant and assertive (the Dominant personality type) may struggle with being overly controlling or dismissive of others' opinions. Through discipleship, counseling, spiritual reflection, group involvement, and continued self-awareness, they can work toward developing traits associated with the other personality types, such as empathy and collaboration. Over time, this can lead to a more balanced and well-rounded personality. In a group, this is multiplied as each member of the body learns to grow and support one another, creating a healthier community for all.

The Christian DISC® thoroughly recognizes and highlights the role of spiritual growth and sanctification in shaping one's personality and character. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit works in believers to transform them into the likeness of Christ. This means that as someone grows in their faith and becomes more Christlike, their personality will also reflect these changes. Again, the theory behind the Christian DISC® shows that personality is not fixed and unchangeable, but can actually change and develop over time. By embracing this growth and intentionally working towards continued spiritual transformation, individuals and groups can become more effective in their relationships, work, and ministry, and ultimately fulfill their God-given calling.

Designed for Christian Groups and Ministries

Majority of DISC-style assessments available are created for the corporate workplace and for use in secular leadership training. The Christian DISC® is distinct because it is specifically crafted for churches and faith-based organizations. The developers of the assessment have years of higher education in formal theological training as well as years of ministry experience. As a result, the assessment places a greater emphasis on spiritual growth, personal relationships, and integrates wisdom and insight from scripture.​

Overall, the Christian DISC® is a powerful tool for Christian groups who want to strengthen their relationships with one another and grow closer to God in the process. Its unique focus on biblical principles and relationship-building sets it apart from other personality assessments, which makes it an invaluable resource for communities who are looking to grow together.