Pastors and Churches

As leaders striving to guide communities of faith towards unity, growth, and a deeper understanding of how to love God and other people, it's vital to have the right tools at one's disposal. The Christian DISC® Assessment provides a unique opportunity to foster self-awareness, effective communication, collaboration, and spiritual growth within your church family.

Rooted in biblical principles and adapted from the well-established DISC model, the Christian DISC® is designed to empower you and your team to capitalize on the unique strengths and spiritual gifts within your congregation. As a result, you'll be better equipped to nurture meaningful relationships, develop effective ministries, and create a thriving community. Here are some ways that real-life churches and ministries have used the Christian DISC® in their communities:

  • How Pastors Can Use the Christian DISC® in the Local Church

    By utilizing the Christian DISC® with your church ministry team and congregation, you can tap into the unique strengths of your members, helping you build a stronger, more vibrant church.

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  • Using the Christian DISC® with Church Volunteers

    By incorporating the Christian DISC® into onboarding, team building, personal growth, communication, and ministry opportunities, you can create a more harmonious, edifying, and welcoming environment for your volunteers

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