Christian DISC® Admin Account

An Admin Account Allows You to Send Assessments to Multiple People

Perfect for coaches, pastors, counselors, teachers, HR professionals, and other leaders who want to use the Christian DISC® (or Classic DISC) with multiple people. With an admin account, you can pre-purchase discounted assessments (in the form of credits) and send them to participants whenever you would like. The more credits you purchase at a time, the higher the discount and the bigger the savings.

A Truly Biblical Understanding

The Christian DISC® isn’t merely a standard DISC assessment with a Christian label. It's been specifically designed for use in Christian counseling, coaching, work, and ministry, ensuring it resonates deeply and effectively within faith communities.

Go beyond personality. Dive deep into how each type interacts, communicates, and grows spiritually, emotionally, and relationally — all from a biblical perspective. We also offer the Classic DISC for those working in secular settings.

Take It Anywhere

The Christian DISC® Assessment can be taken by your participants anywhere — on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. We've made sure the process of sending and taking assessments is smooth and straightforward.

No need to juggle multiple user accounts, passwords, or codes. Everything is delivered through email. We want to make the experience as simple and friendly as possible for each person in your group.

Maximize Impact and Save

Within your Admin Account, credits serve as the currency for distributing the Christian DISC® or Classic DISC assessment. After purchasing a certain number of credits, you gain the ability to assign an equivalent number of assessments to individuals in your ministry.

The system is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind—there's no expiration on these credits, so you can use them at your own pace. Additionally, the more credits you purchase at a time, the greater the discount you receive.

How It Works

    1. Purchase and Setup Your Account: Includes a password-protected form preloaded with 5 credits.
    2. Purchase Additional Credits: Add additional credits ranging from 1-200+.
    3. Distribute the Assessments: Use your secure form to instantly send out assessments to participants.
    4. Gather Valuable Insights: As your group members complete their assessments, they will receive their report via email, with a copy of each sent to you, the administrator.
    5. Evergreen Purchase: Your credits will never expire. Utilize them at your own pace without any time limit.
    6. Replenish Anytime: As your community grows or you need more assessments, you can easily top up your credit balance.

Group Discounts

The More You Buy, the More You Save

Every new admin account comes pre-loaded with 5 ready-to-use assessment credits. You can add more credits at setup or whenever you need to replenish. The higher the number of credits purchased at one time, the larger the savings.

Administer Both Versions

Assessment credits are now interchangeable! What that mean is you can use each credit to either send the Christian DISC® (faith-based version) or the Classic DISC (secular version) to your participants, enabling you to serve wider audiences and expand your reach and mission.

Bonus Resources Included

On top of the your admin account, you will receive bonus resources to help facilitate and unpack the Christian DISC® with your group. You'll get access to discussion outlines, presentation slides, and engaging games and activities. It's our way of ensuring your people not only take the assessment, but truly understand and enjoy the journey together.

  • Great Savings - Easy to Use! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    “So thankful for the ease of use with the new Assessment Credits! Buying in bulk also stretches the budget which is always nice in today's world!” —John, 2/17/2024

  • Excellent! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    “The description about each personality is very detailed and helpful. I just love the Bible verses!!”
    — Gislaine, 2/11/2024

  • Easy and Convenient ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    “I'm not overly tech savvy but this process was quick, relatively painless and worth the effort! Looking forward to implementing this streamlined process on a regular basis.” — John, 1/20/2024