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Using the Christian DISC® with Church Volunteers

Keisha moved into a new neighborhood and decided to visit the local church. She had been searching for a new spiritual home, and she hoped that she could find a warm and welcoming community at this new church. Keisha attended Sunday services and felt a strong sense of belonging. She appreciated the pastor's messages, the uplifting worship music, and the friendly congregation. As she continued to attend, she decided to become a member and participate in the church's membership class.

During the membership class, the pastor introduced the Christian DISC® Assessment to help new members better understand their strengths, communication styles, and unique spiritual gifts. Keisha was excited to learn more about herself and how she could contribute to the church's mission. After taking the Christian DISC® Assessment, she discovered that she was a strong Steady type, which meant that she was supportive, empathetic, and a great listener. The pastor recognized these strengths and suggested that Keisha  consider volunteering with the church's care ministry team, a group that provided emotional and spiritual support to people facing various spiritual and personal challenges.

Keisha decided to give it a try and joined the care ministry team. With her natural ability to empathize and her warm, supportive demeanor, she soon became an integral part of the team. She found her work with the care ministry deeply fulfilling and developed strong connections with fellow team members and those she served. Through her involvement in the care ministry, Keisha's faith grew stronger, and her love for God and her church deepened. The Christian DISC® Assessment was a powerful tool that not only helped Keisha, but other church members identify their unique spiritual gifts and find meaningful ministry opportunities where they could make a positive impact for the Kingdom of God. By incorporating the assessment into your church's volunteer program, you can foster a more harmonious and welcoming environment. Here are some practical ways that churches can use the Christian DISC® with their volunteers to improve communication, teamwork, and long-term commitment: 

  1. Volunteer Onboarding and Training
    The Christian DISC® can be an excellent tool during the onboarding process for new volunteers. By having new volunteers take the assessment, church leaders can gain insights into the people's strengths, communication style, and potential areas for spiritual growth and emotional development. This information can be used to tailor training materials, better match volunteers with certain roles, and create an environment that encourages each person's unique spiritual gifts. If your church requires volunteers to become members of the church before they start serving, you can integrate the Christian DISC® into your church's membership class. 

  2. Team Building and Conflict Resolution
    Understanding the different personality types within your church's volunteer program can help in building stronger teams and resolving conflicts more effectively. By providing Christian DISC® workshops or team-building events, church leaders can create opportunities for volunteers to better understand one another, appreciate each person's unique strengths, and learn how to communicate more effectively.

  3. Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development
    The Christian DISC® can also be utilized to foster spiritual growth and leadership development among volunteers. By encouraging volunteers to regularly revisit their DISC® profiles, they can gain a deeper understanding of their personality traits and identify areas for spiritual growth and development. Church leaders can also use this information to provide targeted leadership training and mentoring opportunities for volunteers who show potential in specific areas of ministry.
  4. Tailoring Ministry Opportunities
    Using the Christian DISC® Assessment can help church leaders identify the best ministry opportunities for their volunteers. By understanding an individual's strengths, passions, and communication style, leaders can align volunteers with opportunities that will be both fulfilling and impactful. This can lead to increased connectedness and long-term commitment from your volunteers.
The Christian DISC® is a versatile and valuable spiritual assessment tool that can be used to enhance your church's outreach and inreach programs. By incorporating it into onboarding, team building, personal growth, communication, and ministry opportunities, you can create a more harmonious, edifying, and welcoming environment for your volunteers and further build up the Body of Christ.

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