Take a Test Drive of the Christian DISC® Certification Course

Designed for pastors, counselors, coaches, and professionals, the Christian DISC® Certification Course gives a foundational understanding of the DISC personality system from a biblical and spiritually-integrated perspective. On this page, you can preview some actual lectures featured in the course.

Course Intro: This video opens the course and gives an overview of the content.

What is Personality? This lecture is from the first module which covers personality theory from a biblical perspective.

Introversion vs. Extroversion: This lecture is from a module that unpacks the nuts-and-bolts behind the DISC model and discusses introversion vs. extroversion.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this demo of the Christian DISC® Certification Course

We hope that this brief glimpse has given you an idea of the powerful insights and tools that you can gain by enrolling in the certification course.

As a Certified Christian DISC® Facilitator, you will have the ability to administer the assessment to others, interpret the results, and use the insights gained to help individuals and teams understand themselves better and work together more effectively. You will gain a deep understanding of the biblical principles that underlie the Christian DISC® Assessment, and you will be equipped with practical tools and strategies for applying these principles in a variety of contexts. When you enroll in the full course, you'll receive:​

  • Comprehensive training in the theory and practice of the Christian DISC® Assessment.
  • Access to a robust online learning platform, including video lectures, notes, and downloads.
  • Ongoing support from your instructor and a community of fellow students.
  • Tools and resources for administering the Christian DISC® Assessment and interpreting the results.
  • A certificate that demonstrates your expertise and credibility as a Certified Christian DISC® Facilitator.

We believe that the Christian DISC® Certification Course has the power to transform your understanding of personality and calling, and to equip you with the tools you need to help others effectively. So why wait? Enroll in the full course today and take the first step towards unlocking its full potential.