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Dominant Type

In the Christian DISC® personality system, the Dominant type is one of the four main personality types, along with Influencing, Steady, and Compliant. The Dominant type is also known as the Dominance or Decisive type in other versions of the DISC system. The animal that represents this type is the lion. Individuals with a Dominant personality tend to be assertive, confident, and goal-oriented. They are motivated by a desire to succeed and may be highly competitive. Dominant individuals may be highly independent and may prefer to work alone.

Dominant individuals are often skilled at making decisions quickly and confidently. They may be willing to take risks and may have a high tolerance for uncertainty. They may also be highly ambitious and may be willing to work hard to achieve their goals. In terms of communication style, Dominant individuals may be direct and to the point. They may be highly assertive and may not shy away from conflict. They may be skilled at making persuasive arguments and may be highly effective at leading others.

Dominant individuals may be well-suited to roles that require a high degree of decisiveness and assertiveness, such as leadership positions or entrepreneurship. They may also excel in roles that require them to be competitive and results-oriented, such as sales or finance.

Overall, the Dominant personality type is characterized by assertiveness, confidence, and a desire to succeed. Dominant individuals may be highly independent and goal-oriented, and may be skilled at making decisions quickly and confidently. They may need to work on being more collaborative and open to other perspectives, but can bring a valuable perspective to teams and organizations. ​This is just a brief summary of the basic personality traits of this type. The full Christian DISC® Assessment generates a personalized report that integrates scripture, biblical figures, and spiritual insights specific to this type.

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