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Using the Christian DISC® at Your Next Retreat

A retreat is a special opportunity for church members to strengthen their faith, form deeper connections, and reflect on their spiritual journey with fellow believers. One powerful tool to help foster personal growth and understanding within the group is the Christian DISC®. By incorporating this personality assessment into your retreat, you can create a more engaging and transformative experience for all participants. Here are various ways to incorporate the Christian DISC® into your next church retreat:

1. Pre-Retreat Assessment
Before your retreat even begins, ask all those who have registered to take the Christian DISC® Assessment. This will provide each person with valuable insights into their personality type, which can be used throughout the retreat. Encourage them to reflect on their results and consider how insights on their personality might influence their spiritual journey. We have special group discounts for those hosting group events utilizing the Christian DISC®. If you prefer to have participants take the assessment at the retreat itself (and may not have online access available), we also have a printable version available.

2. Icebreaker Games
Kick off your retreat with fun and engaging icebreaker games that incorporate the Christian DISC®. These games can help participants become more familiar with their own personality type and learn about the different traits of their peers. We have several ideas for icebreakers and games that are included with every group order. These activities will encourage interaction, foster understanding, and create a strong foundation for the remainder of the retreat.

3. Personal Reflection and Prayer
Provide opportunities for participants to engage in personal reflection and prayer. Encourage them to reflect on their Christian DISC® results with the personal devotion and journaling prompts that are included with each assessment report. This allows the opportunity for each person to reflect on how their personality type influences their relationship with God, their spouse, their children, family, and others. You can include additional journaling prompts, guided prayer, or small group discussions.

4. Group Discussions and Workshops
Organize group discussions and workshops that focus on various aspects of the Christian DISC®. Topics can include understanding the strengths and challenges of each personality type (with scripture explaining each), exploring how different types interact relationally, and discussing how emotional growth intersects with their faith. Each assessment report comes with a copy of the Christian DISC® Wheel of Emotions, which is a tool that helps users identify and express their emotions. Encourage open communication, sharing of personal experiences, and active listening to foster a supportive and nurturing environment for the Holy Spirit to move.

Incorporating the Christian DISC® into your church retreat can be a powerful way to foster personal growth, understanding, and unity among each of the participants who attend. By providing opportunities for them to learn about their unique personality traits and how they relate to their faith, you can create an enriching and empowering experience that will equip each person to serve your church and the Body of Christ.
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