Should I Take the Classic DISC or Christian DISC® Assessment?

Should I Take the Classic DISC or Christian DISC® Assessment?

Navigating the world of personality assessments can sometimes feel overwhelming. Among the plethora of tools available, the DISC consistently stands out, helping countless individuals understand their behavioral styles. But did you know there are distinct versions suited for different contexts? Let’s break down the differences between the Christian DISC® and the Classic DISC to help you decide which one will serve your personal and professional journey best.

If you're aiming for a faith-based perspective on personality integrated with insights on spirituality and emotional intelligence, the Christian DISC® would be a good choice. For a broader outlook that emphasizes emotional intelligence across various contexts, the Classic DISC might be the best fit. Both tools are designed to bring profound insights into not just who you are, but how you emotionally relate with the world around you.

Classic DISC

  • Purpose & Context: A universal tool for general audiences, the Classic DISC caters to a broader use across various industries. It's ideal for those wanting to understand their behavior in various professional and personal contexts, be it in a secular workspace, social groups, or other diverse environments.
  • Foundation & Perspective: Without a religious or spiritual undertone, this assessment provides a secular view, focusing on universal behavioral styles. It aims to understand how different personalities function and interact in varied settings.
  • Growth & Development: This version aims at holistic personal and professional development. It provides insights on emotional intelligence as well as how you fit in various team dynamics, your interpersonal strengths, and areas of growth, making it invaluable in diverse professional settings.
  • Elevate Your Resume: Incorporating the universally recognized DISC results emphasizes adaptability and team dynamics. Its renowned reputation across industries underlines your commitment to holistic growth and leadership acumen. 

Take the Classic DISC


Christian DISC®

  • Purpose & Context: Designed specifically for people of faith, this version resonates deeply with those rooted in Christian values. Whether you’re exploring your spiritual journey, involved in ministry, or seeking alignment with a specific faith-based community, the Christian DISC® might just be the key to unlocking insights about your spirituality and personality.
  • Foundation & Perspective: This isn't just another personality test. The Christian DISC® evaluates behavioral styles through a faith lens, emphasizing Christian values and principles. It’s an assessment that not only reveals personality traits but also intertwines them with your faith journey. 
  • Growth & Development: Dive deep into understanding personality growth and how it intersects with one's sanctification and spiritual growth. This version also explores spiritual gifts and the intersection of emotional intelligence and spiritual maturity. It also covers relational dynamics at home and in the workplace.
  • Elevate Your Resume: Highlighting your Christian DISC® results showcases alignment with faith-based values and missions. It demonstrates your unique blend of spiritual insights and emotional intelligence, making you an ideal fit for faith-based roles.​​
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